Maryland Public Information Act

                 The Attorney General’s office publishes a manual on Maryland Public Information Act. The manual was last revised in December 2004. Copies, which include case references and the text of the Public Information Act, can be obtained from the Attorney General’s office or can be downloaded from the agency’s Web site.

The Attorney General’s office has also put together a four-page guide for agencies offering suggestions for dealing with public records requests. It is available at the agency’s Web site,

The guide begins by noting “The basic mandate of the Public Information Act is to enable people to have access to government records without unnecessary cost or delay. Custodians have a responsibility to provide such access, unless the requested records fall within one of the exceptions provided in the PIA.”

What the Act Covers

Public Records Defined

Common Problems

Response Time

Review of Records


Person In Interest


Record Format

Form of Request

Filing a PIA Request

Sample PIA Request


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